Fast Data Applications On The Cloud

Deliver interactive data applications and BI on cloud data lakes, with no data preparation or tuning. Up to 100x faster performance, in less than 1 hour.

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The Challenges of Data Infrastructure at Scale

The shift in access to big data from data scientists towards business users, using interactive exploration on both historical and real-time data creates challenges for the key people that manage data platforms:

  • Time to value

    As data grows in scale and complexity, fast and simple access requires increasing efforts and expertise. Projects take months of customizing ETL flows for data integration and modeling.
  • Cost efficiency

    Cloud data lakes solved the operational storage challenges of vast amounts of diverse data. But need for compute resources on top of the lake explodes as user concurrency and sophistication grow.
  • Data Management

    With more correlated data collected, it becomes increasingly hard to manage access and discovery and to maintain for business users a consistent view across disparate data sources.

Your platform to run fast on data lakes

Enable your data team to create data applications that are fast for users to interact with and a joy for data engineers to maintain

  • Leverage your existing data investment with a native cloud-based architecture that seamlessly integrates with AWS data services and common BI applications.
  • Based on open standards such as Presto ANSI SQL, Hive data catalog and common data formats.
  • Fast performance without preparation with the Varada inline indexing platform that learns and adapts to all dimensions of the data, enabling efficient compute on any query workload.
  • Focus on the business logic with materialized views using the Varada real-time synchronization engine to enable a fully indexed data layer that tracks data and schema changes in the data lakes.