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Humans Interact.
They Think Iteratively.
Data Should be the Same.

Our world is dynamic and consists of many sources of data. Big data technologies assume you know what you want to ask, and just need to formalize the question. It can work well for pre-defined questions on a specific data. This means you could either ask any question but settle for a very slow response, or model data for specific questions to get a fast response time.

But our brain works iteratively, why can’t data?

That’s what we are here for. Varada makes big data human-friendly, freeing every data consumer to query any data intuitively and interactively - the only way human brains thrive.

Our story begins with one word Varada

Our story begins with one word Varada

Vara-da comes from an old Hindu word that is used to describe a boon giver, relief for pain. When it comes to data, there are still many types of pain. In some organizations the focus is on data democratization with challenges around exposing data to as many consumers as possible. For other organizations the focus is on enabling data consumers to ask any question without compromising on time-to-insight and performance. Varada’s unique approach and technology, our boon, delivers the much needed relief to many organizational data challenges by enabling all data consumers to easily and interactively query any data.

We are all about the power of Inline Indexing

Varada creates a “hot data” layer that indexes data on all dimensions at the ingest stage. Varada’s Inline Indexing reflects data as a mesh of nanoblocks™, each independently indexed and inter-connected. Any SQL query on Varada, will fly across nanoblocks to filter, join and aggregate using indexes across a variety of domains.
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Varada was founded by a team of data, storage and networking experts.

By combining the best storage and networking talents and technologies available (SSD and NVMe), we are able to leverage indexing for massive amounts of data at incredible fast response time.

Leadership Team

Varada’s team includes leaders from XtreamIO (acquired by Dell EMC), LivePerson, NICE Systems, Oracle, ElastiFile (acquired by Google), Nutanix and Israeli elite intelligence units.

Eran Vanounou


David Krakov

Co-founder, CTO

Roman Vainbrand

Co-founder, VP R&D

Tal Ben Moshe

Co-founder, Chief Architect

Ori Reshef

VP Products

Bill Hussain

VP Global Sales

Shira Sarid-Hausirer

VP Marketing

Sharon Elkayam

Head of Solutions Engineering
Varada is back by

Join the Team

Do you want to reinvent big data infrastructure?

Are you ready for the Varada adventure?

Ping us at jobs@varada.io

Join the Team

Do you want to reinvent
big data infrastructure?

Are you ready for the Varada adventure?

Ping us at jobs@varada.io
DevOps Engineer
Ramat Gan, Israel
Java Engineer
Ramat Gan, Israel
C Developer
Ramat Gan, Israel
Performance Engineer
Ramat Gan, Israel
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