Augmenting AWS Athena to Optimize Performance & Cost
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AWS Athena, is an easy and native implementation of Presto, serves ad-hoc queries very well. But when it comes to optimizing for price and performance at scale, data architects run into significant challenges.

This FREE whitepaper explores the alternatives to standardize on a data virtualization architecture and serve a very wide range of use cases on a single data platform and without the need to move data elsewhere:

  • Data virtualization is all about bringing access and control to data lakes at lower cost
  • Why Presto has become the leading Data Virtualization query engine
  • When AWS Athena is the right choice for Presto-based Data Virtualization
  • How to achieve true zero data-ops while meeting various performance and budget requirements, directly on the data lake


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Augmenting AWS Athena to Optimize Performance & Cost

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    Varada can improve query response time by x30-x70 compared to Athena, and enables data architects to easily optimize for various price and performance requirements.
    We are also huge fans of Presto, which is the reason it’s embedded in our data platform. You can enjoy all the benefits of Presto and Athena, together with Varada’s unique self-optimizing acceleration engine that makes everything run really fast and easy.

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