Announcing the Community Edition of Varada Trino Connector

By Ori Reshef
November 2, 2021
November 2, 2021

We are extremely proud to launch the community edition of our Trino connector, delivering instant 10x-100x performance and concurrency uplift on your existing Trino clusters.

This new community edition of Varada’s connector for Trino was born in the community. It’s free 🤩 (for clusters of up to 4 worker nodes), and is a part of our ongoing commitment and contribution to the Trino community.

The connector offers instant performance and concurrency impact with Varada’s autonomous indexing technology. Everything else remains as-is:

  • No query rewrite needed
  • No additional footprint to your existing architecture
  • Continue to manage your clusters as-is: UI, endpoints, scaling capabilities, etc.
  • Security policies, data governance policies also remain as is and in full control
  • No call home features

To highlight the impact we run a 4-query benchmarking analysis against Trino.

Trino with and without Varada: Performance (seconds)

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Trino with and without Varada: Cost per Query

Deploying Varada Trino Connector

The connector works out-of-the-box and the deployment process is easy and quick (up to 10 min).

After making sure you are using SSD-enabled machines (i3.4xlarge, r5d.4xlarge, r5dn.4xlarge), simply run an installation script on each worker and the coordinator.

Following the installation, which should take a few minutes, queries that use Hive or Iceberg can now use the Varada catalog and enjoy the impact of dynamic indexing and smart cache management. You can continue using your existing Hive catalog and compare its performance to the Varada catalog.

Presto Trino Varada
Trino Connector Architecture

A few more comments:

  • The connector is available for Trino 362, 364, 367, 370, 374 and 375 (more versions coming soon!)
  • After changing your cluster to run on SSD-attached machines (i3.4xlarge, r5d.4xlarge, r5dn.4xlarge), please make sure SSDs are restricted to usage by Varada only
  • The connector doesn’t require any additional cluster footprint; you may actually realize very quickly that you can reduce your compute resources due to indexes added by Varada
Trino Connector | Short Tutorial

Are you ready to get started?
Download the Community Edition of the Trino Connector

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