Varada is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

By Roman Vainbrand
June 22, 2020
June 22, 2020

We announced today that Varada, a data virtualization platform for running interactive queries, is now available on New call-to-action . Customers can deploy Varada’s platform in a very quick process and start running any SQL query while supporting strict SLAs on response time and concurrency.

Varada offers a big data infrastructure solution for fast analytics on thousands of dimensions.

We enable large and complex datasets to serve analytics users and apps by making filtering, joining and aggregating data extremely fast on every dimension of any data source.

Deployed in your AWS VPC, Varada seamlessly connects to existing data sources and serves various users such as applications, BI visualization tools, etc. 

Varada serves as an indexed “hot tier” between your single source of truth, which includes Varada’s proprietary Inline Indexing technology as well as powerful last-mile ETL abilities: any dataset can be defined and operationalized with full flexibility. 

Unlike operational facets, the Indexed View maintains the granularity of the source (no modeling). Inline Indexing adapts to the data in a way that eliminates the need to model specific user workflows. Queries are fast without extensive tuning and optimization.

This is an important step in a series of product evolutions made by our team to enable an easy and effective deployment on AWS. 

Varada’s single-node deployment on New call-to-action is great for testing out Varada. 

You can choose one of following instance types:

  • i3.metal (recommended)
  • i3.4xlarge
  • i3.8xlarge
  • i3.16xlarge

To get started, make sure have permissions to connect to:

  • AWS Glue – which will serve as the data catalog
  • S3 – which will serve as the single source of truth; for this limited version, we recommend to get started with a 3TB-dataset on your S3 bucket

The first two weeks are on us! 

You will only be charged the instance you choose and not for Varada’s platform.

To review the detailed release notes please visit Varada’s documentation.

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