Demo Video | Accelerate Data Lake Queries

By Guy Mast
September 1, 2021
September 1, 2021

Varada offers a data lake analytics platform with unique autonomous indexing technology, driving dramatic performance uplift while eliminating the need for data modeling and multiple optimized data platforms.

The solution runs in your VPC and on your data lake (no need to move / copy OR model data) and can be offered as a standalone cluster, or connect directly to existing Presto or Trino clusters.

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Varada is dramatically faster than any other data lake query engine. Data teams and users no longer need compromise on performance in order to achieve agility and fast time-to-insights.

In this short demo Ori Reshef, Varada’s VP Products, walks through how our indexing and caching technology can accelerate queries directly on the data lake. Data scans are down to a fraction, which means TCO will drop as well!

Varada’s proprietary indexing logic automatically analyzes the data lake and introduces indexes for filtering, joins and aggregates, continuously evaluating query performance on the fly. Varada’s engine automatically prioritizes the data to index or cache based on a smart observability layer that continuously monitors demand.

Unlike partitioning-based platforms, Varada indexes data directly from the data lake across any column. This means that every query is optimized automatically.

Varada’s elastic scaling capabilities extend TCO & performance advantages even further. By adding a “warm” layer of indexes, Varada leverages an index-once approach that enables data teams to easily and dynamically scale clusters to address fluctuating demand. “Warm” indexes are shared by all clusters to deliver optimal efficiencies across all workloads running on the data lake.

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