Video | Eliminate Data Lake Ops and Shrink Your PrestoDB & Trino Clusters

By Guy Mast
September 26, 2021
September 26, 2021

PrestoDB and Trino deliver tremendous value with a distributed query engine, that runs directly on your data lake and in your cloud environment. But you are likely struggling with enormous clusters for your data lake analytics (if not, you’ll get there soon).

Partitioning may sound like the right solution, brute force technology makes it far less effective due to the high dimensionality of modern data schemas and the rising level of selectivity data consumers demand.

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Varada’s autonomous indexing platform delivers a zero dataops solution to ensure performance requirements are met without losing control over your cluster. Varada easily connects to existing PrestoDB or Trino clusters via a connector.

That’s it for you. It’s totally hands-free. Based on a smart observability layer, the data indexing software knows which index to use on each dataset, which data to accelerate, and when. Varada is very light on compute, so you can shrink the cluster back to a predictable and manageable size, and reduce data scans by at least an order of magnitude.

🌟The result is queries that run 10x-100x faster and TCO reduction of 40%-60%!

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