Varada Data Virtualization Platform
Video III

By Guy Mast
July 7, 2020
July 7, 2020

Varada offers the new standard for data virtualization, with a smart indexing layer. Our ability to index big data delivers exceptional price and performance, so that agility and ease-of-use can be leveraged across a very wide range of use cases.

In this video, the last in this series, we’ll show you how all your SQL applications, including internal dashboards and apps, customer-facing apps, BI tools, etc. will run out of the box, making sure it’s easy and worry-free.

Varada enables to combine SQL (via JOIN, UNION, etc.) data from direct data source connectivity (such as a relational database or data lake) with materialized indexed datasets using their inline indexes.

Virtual views can seamlessly mix data sources and materialized indexed datasets, enabling to transparently serve data application and users from different data tiers.

To learn more about Varada’s platform, go to video #1 that offers an overview of the platform as well as the various data sources Varada connects to, and video #2 that explains how our indexing technology (our secret sauce) significantly accelerates queries.

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