TechCrunch: Data virtualization service Varada raises $12M

By Guy Mast
September 15, 2020
September 15, 2020

To read the full article by Frederic Lardinois on TechCrunch, click here.

Following Varada’s $12 million Series A announcement, Eran Vanounou, Varada’s CEO and Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch discussed the power behind Varada’s indexing-based platform.

“If you look at the storage aspect for big data, there’s always innovation, but we can put a lot of data in one place,” Eran explains. “But translating data into insight? It’s so hard. It’s costly. It’s slow. It’s complicated.”

Eran Vanounou knows this challenge first hand, based on his prior position as CTA at LivePerson. Data teams are continuously required reinvent the wheel to solve data problems. Many companies now encounter these challenges, not just the large ones, as they struggling to manage massive amounts of data and getting insights out of it effectively.

Varada embraces the idea of data lake architecture and augments that with its unique indexing technology. Varada uses a machine learning system to gain deep understanding on when users run workloads, and which data sets are popular. Based on these insights, Varada can dynamically choose the optimal caching and indexing strategy ahead of time, making the system far faster than its competitors.

As Eran explains, “if you think about big organizations and think about the workloads and the queries, what happens during the morning time is different from evening time. What happened yesterday is not what happened today. What happened on a rainy day is not what happened on a shiny day. We listen to what’s going on and we optimize. We leverage the indexing technology. We index what is needed when it is needed.”

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