TechTarget: Varada accelerates data virtualization with Presto

By Guy Mast
December 10, 2020
December 10, 2020
TechTarget Varada

To read the full article by Sean Michael Kerner on SearchDataManagement, click here.

Varada announced today the general availability of its data platform, bringing data virtualization and data lake query acceleration capabilities to AWS.

According to Kerner, “The promise of data virtualization is that users don’t have to copy data to a single repository in order to analyze it. Rather, with data virtualization an index can point to where the data resides, so it can be analyzed without the need to move the data”.

Matt Aslett, research director at S&P Global Market Intelligence, is quoted stating that his firm has described as an “abstracted data architecture” into a single offering. “Among the components needed for an abstracted data architecture are a distributed query engine, data virtualization and query acceleration, all of which are part of the Varada Data Platform,” says Asslet.

“We anticipate growing competition, so expect Varada to increase the focus on its differentiating capabilities, including its adaptive indexing approach and machine learning-driven optimization engine,” Aslett added.

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