VentureBeat: Varada open-sources Workload Analyzer for PrestoDB and Trino

By Guy Mast
February 9, 2021
February 9, 2021

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Varada is trying to help increase the adoption of variants of an open source distributed SQL query engine for big data by making a Workload Analyzer it developed available under an open source license on Github.

Workload Analyzer for Presto is compatible with both PrestoDB and Trino (formerly known as PrestoSQL). Trino is being advanced by the Presto Software Foundation using a fork of the same open source code base as PrestoDB. Trino was created by former Facebook engineers as part of an effort to make a version of PrestoDB that is governed independently of Facebook. Created in 2019, the Presto Software Foundation includes contributors from Starburst, Arm Treasure Data, Qubole, and Varada that continue to work on the Trino project.

Varada Data Virtualization

Workload Analyzer for Presto from Varada extracts and aggregates query metrics and other data so it can be surfaced in charts that provide greater visibility into the performance of a cluster running either PrestoDB or Trino, Varada VP Ori Reshef said. This makes it easier to identify queries that are consuming large amounts of compute resources and discover what data is being accessed most frequently and how to improve overall JOIN performance, regardless of whether organizations are employing PrestoDB or Trino.

In December, Varada made available a data virtualization platform that is designed to be deployed in a virtual public cloud. The Varada Data Platform is based on indexing technology based on Presto code that breaks data up into nano blocks optimized based on the type of data content and structure. That approach allows end users to query data where it resides without having to move it into a central repository. “Our IP is the indexing technology,” Reshef said.

As part of that platform, Varada makes available an enterprise-grade instance of Trino that ensures high availability. Varada has also pledged to contribute code to both the PrestoDB and Trino projects.

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