ZDNet: Varada and Firebolt launch cloud analytics query platforms

By Guy Mast
December 9, 2020
December 9, 2020

To read the full article by Andrew Burst on ZDNet, click here.

In the hot and ever-converging worlds of data lake and data warehouse platforms, two new Israelis startups emerge. Varada delivers data virtualization using an index-accelerated implementation of Presto, while Firebolt uses proprietary technology to build a high-performance data warehouse.

Founded by ex-XtremIO (acquired by EMC) veterans, Varada delivers the new standard in data virtualization approach, using the open source Trino (FKA PrestoSQL) query engine to connect to any data source in the data lake. Varada uses a combination of ML-based caching and indexing strategies to accelerate performance by 10x-100x. Indexing is fully adaptive to the data, leveraging many different types indexes, including even Lucene indexes for text-based data, to mitigate the need for brute force massive data sets.

In a demo for ZDNet, Varada showed a benchmarking analysis against AWS Athena, which also uses Presto. The analysis ran the same queries, on the very same data set in S3. Varada delivered a performance uplift of two orders of magnitude.

Andres Burst indicated that “while one would expect a vendor-controlled demo to show that vendor’s platform in a positive light, this was still impressive.”

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