PrestoSQL is now Trino

By Eran Vanounou
January 6, 2021
January 6, 2021

When we started Varada, we faced a strategic decision. Among several data lake query engines that were available, we chose Presto as the SQL query engine on which we built Varada.

Born in Facebook, Presto was gaining popularity in the developer community as a groundbreaking query engine that finally enables organizations to query their entire data lake and connect to as many data sources as possible. The strength of the community was a key factor in this decision. The fast pace and commitment of the community has been exceptional, and we are very proud to also be active contributors.

When the initial Presto team left Facebook, and PrestoSQL and PrestoDB were divided, we decided to continue with PrestoSQL and leverage the power of this amazing community. Moving forward, we’ll expand Varada’s platform compatibility to additional Presto flavors, including PrestoDB, AWS Athena, etc.

Varada is on a mission to deliver the power of big data indexing to dramatically accelerate queries on the data lake. Presto has been a strategic decision, one that we are very happy we made. Based on Presto, Varada enables SQL data consumers to connect to any data source in the data lake instantaneously. 

On top of that, Varada indexes any column in any table so data is fetched extremely fast. Varada’s indexing is adaptive to the type of data and our  engine knows automatically which data to index based on a smart observability layer that continuously monitors demand. Indexing is best for complex queries that run on highly dimensional data, that would have otherwise required extensive modeling to achieve acceptable response time.

The PrestoSQL team has recently announced that PrestoSQL is now “Trino”!

As the Trino team perfectly articulated: “a name is just a name”. The community remains exactly the same and continues the fantastic momentum to transform the way organizations shift to a data lake architecture and transform their available data into truly operational data for a wide range of analytics use cases.

Varada prestoSQL trino presto

Read more about this recent announcement in Trino blog.

* Presto® is a trademark of The Linux Foundation.

See how Varada’s big data indexing dramatically accelerates queries vs. AWS Athena:

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