Varada and Starburst Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Enterprises Accelerate Data Lake Adoption

By Eran Vanounou
March 17, 2021
March 17, 2021

Companies to collaborate on bringing Varada’s indexing and query acceleration technology to Starburst’s robust support of data sources and enterprise-grade features.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Starburst, the analytics anywhere company, to leverage both companies’ technical strengths to bring data and analytics teams new solutions that improve the economics and performance of data lake-based analytics.

Starburst, which recently secured $100M in Series C funding, offers a common query tool, abstracted from the systems that store data, and enables to run analytics on data where it lives. Varada, based on our dynamic and adaptive indexing technology, delivers dramatic acceleration for data lake queries running on thousands of dimensions. Varada offers a smart and autonomous indexing technology that leverages machine learning capabilities to dynamically accelerate queries to meet evolving business requirements.

TechTarget Varada

In a recent interview by TechTarget’s Sean Kerner, IDC analyst Stewart Bond said that the partnership focuses on where the two vendors can complement each other. “Databases associated with analytical and operational workloads typically have native query acceleration capabilities that include indexing and optimized query plan execution, but data lakes do not,” Bond said. “Varada provides query acceleration for data being managed in a lake, through indexing, caching and acceleration that adapts query execution based on parameters and analysis of workloads.”

To read the full article by Sean Kerner on SearchDataManagement click here.

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Driving Synergies to Ensure Data Lake Performance

Starburst and Varada technologies together deliver a set of synergistic capabilities that offer the high performance of data warehouses also for queries running on massive data lakes. Starburst brings easy access to many data sources, a scalable SQL engine and a rich set of powerful enterprise features. Varada offers the power of indexing for query acceleration and zero time-to-insights. Both companies’ technologies deliver the flexibility to monetize data directly on top of the cloud data lake, simplifying deployment and operations, reducing the cost, control, and security issues of cloning data into proprietary environments.

The strengths of Varada and Starburst complement each other almost perfectly. Starburst’s scalable query engine, high performance, easy access to any data source and powerful set of enterprise features fit perfectly with our indexing technology and seamless integration with Starburst. And since both of us are built to support Trino and operate directly atop the data lake, we’re architecturally aligned. It’s a perfect fit for customers who need speed, security and efficiency as they scale out their data lake analytics plans across the entire organization.

“The data lake is a fundamentally transformative change in data architecture for enterprises that have relied on data warehouses multiple decades,” said Justin Borgman, chairman & CEO of Starburst. “This shift means that organizations can finally—and very easily—run analytics projects on any data set and intelligently monetize all their data to gain a competitive edge. This shift, however, requires new tools that are built for a data-lake-native world. That’s what we’ve created, and that’s what we’re working with Varada to perfect.”

This partnership is all about bringing the benefits of both technologies to the market as soon as possible. “Partnering always makes sense, at least from my standpoint, as a way of getting to market quickly,” Borgman said in an interview with TechTarget’s Sean Kerner. “Building takes time and even acquisitions take time in terms of integration and so I think partners are always the fastest path to market.”

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