Varada Data Virtualization Platform
Video I

Shira Sarid
By Shira Sarid
July 7, 2020
July 7, 2020

Varada offers the new standard for data virtualization, with a smart indexing layer.
Our ability to index big data delivers exceptional price and performance, so that agility and ease-of-use can be leveraged across a very wide range of use cases.

In this video (first out of a series of three) you’ll learn how to easily connect Varada to your data lake.

Varada is deployed directly in your cloud VPC so you can meet security and governance requirements as  data doesn’t need to be moved or duplicated. Varada connects directly to a wide range of data sources, including:

  • Public / Private Cloud Storage: on-prem Hadoop, AWS S3, GCP (coming soon), BigQuery (coming soon), Azure object storage (coming soon)
  • Data Formats: ORC, Parquet, JSON, CSV, and more
  • Data Catalogs: Hive Metastore, AWS Glue Additional Data Sources: PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more

To learn more about Varada’s platform, go to video #2 that explains how our indexing technology (our secret sauce) significantly accelerates queries, and video #3 that shows how Varada serves any SQL application, BI tools , etc.

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