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How to build the most powerful security data lake stack

By Brad LaPorte 

The security data lake enables organizations to store any new dataset from any source and easily integrate new datasets as they become available.

This means that any new data can be analyzed immediately with zero time-to-insights, resulting in very fast results for hunting and threat intelligence without losing the full dimensionality of the data.

This FREE whitepaper explores alternative and success factors for security teams to:

  • Access to ALL key data (any type, volume, time frame, format)
  • Can perform security investigations at the speed of now with zero delays in system responsiveness
  • Elastically and effectively scale out and in as needed for a dynamically expanding digital ecosystem and volatile demand
  • Deliver price / performance balance to remove barriers to implementation and long-term operational and financial benefits

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    Sneak Preview

    Varada’s data platform runs in the customer’s cloud environment (Virtual Private Cloud or VPC), enabling SOC analysts, threat detection, anomalies and incident management applications, and essentially any SQL consumer to easily query any data source on the data lake.

    Varada leverages the power of autonomous indexing and caching to accelerate queries by 10x-100x.
    Performance advantages will improve as queries are more complex and selective(needle in a haystack threat analysis) — at a 40%-60% cost reduction.


    Brad LaPorte is a former top-rated Gartner Research Analyst for cybersecurity and held senior positions in US Cyber Intelligence, Dell, and IBM, as well as at several startups. Brad has spent most of his career on the frontlines fighting cybercriminals and advising top CEOs, CISOs, CIOs, CxOs as well as other thought leaders on how to be as efficient and effective as possible. He is currently a Partner at High Tide Advisors and actively helping cybersecurity and tech companies grow their go-to-market strategies.

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