Your Trino. Autonomously Fast.

You are constantly pressured to boost cost / performance.

You are constantly pressured to grow the volume and dimensionality of data.

The result… you constantly need to change your models to meet business needs.


Take it for a spin now

The community edition is free (up to 4 worker nodes)!
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Make your users happy

Deliver the best possible performance and concurrency,
with a totally hands-free solution.

Stop modeling, think strategically

Set workload priorities and just let Varada accelerate automatically. So you can finally focus on building solid pipelines, using as much data as possible.

Varada Trino Connector is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with existing clusters deployed on AWS

Varada automatically accelerates queries with indexing and smart cache management.

Everything else remains as-is…

  • No modeling
  • No additional ETLs
  • No query rewrites
  • No additional footprint to your existing architecture
  • No change to how you manage clusters: UI, endpoints, scaling, security and data governance policies, etc.

If you need a bit more info on the deployment process, go to Varada Docs for detailed instructions and architecture deep dive.

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