The State of Data Virtualization, Q1'2021
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We asked 130+ data experts and executives about the pace of change in data virtualization, the challenges and the route to supporting enterprises to truly embrace the data lake architectureThe data uncovered shines a light on the ways in which organizations are using data virtualization, and the challenges that are holding them back:

  • 60% believe that data virtualization is a strong alternative to a data warehouse.
  • Looking into 2021, the number of organizations with a significant amount of data virtualization footprint (50%+ of workloads) is expected to double.


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    Varada is a data platform that is deployed in your VPC and on top of your data lake. Queries from any data consumer are routed via Varada, which acts as the query engine. Any SQL app, BI tool or even analysts and data scientists can easily query any data source in your data lake, without the need to move data, prepare or model it in advance.
    Varada is 10x-100x faster than any other data lake query engine. Data teams and users no longer need compromise on performance in order to achieve agility and fast time-to-insights.

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