Our story

We believe in data.

We founded Varada in 2016 after years as part of the core team at XtremIO (acquired by EMC in 2012), where we drove development of next-generation all-flash array, leading innovation in data. After years of being entrenched in the world of data, it became clear that as an industry, our approach was all wrong—that modeling, which was (and continues to be) the predominant way of handling data, was burning tremendous time and resources.

Varada was founded on the understanding that there is a better, smarter way to warehouse, deal with and use data. With our groundbreaking inline indexing, we’re eliminating modeling and, with it, the compromises so many companies face with regard to data.

Less than two years after Varada’s founding, we had the privilege of welcoming top executives from veteran companies in the industry to the team. Their firsthand experience, particularly confronting these data-related challenges, speaks to the facets of big data that remain uncharted and Varada’s radical approach.

We believe that there is so much more to be revealed and discovered in data.
With Varada, we can get there.