Get full visibility to how your workloads perform on Presto / Trino

Presto Trino Varada

This free and easy-to-use tool offers deep actionable insights to improve performance and optimize resources on your Presto / Trino clusters:

  • Learn how resources are used on hourly / weekly basis so you can define scaling rules
  • Identify heavy spenders and improve the pipeline
  • Improve predicate pushdown and significantly reduce IO & CPU
  • Identify your “hottest” data
  • Improve JOINs performance
  • Better production roll-out experience, and identify upgrade risks upfront
  • And much more…

Check out this New call-to-action — the report is based on real customer data that has been anonymized.

The script runs in your Presto cluster. No data will be sent to Varada or third parties.

“The Workload Analyzer enabled us to identify specific queries, with critical SLA, that were inefficient.

We reduced response time from 42 seconds (scanning 6GB) on Presto (10-node cluster) to 1.2 seconds (scanning 39MB) running on Varada (single-node)”

Principal Data Architect | Global Pharmaceutical Company


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    Sneak Preview

    Varada can improve query response time by x10-x100 compared to Presto, which is critical for SLA-sensitive apps.
    We are also huge fans of Presto, which is the reason it’s embedded in our data platform.
    You can enjoy all the benefits of Presto, together with Varada’s unique indexing layer that makes everything run really fast.

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