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The power of Inline Indexing™

Fast data analytics at scale is limited, hard and expensive. Inline Indexing is our novel approach for consuming big data without compromises on flexibility or performance. Deployed in your virtual private cloud, Varada adaptively indexes any data contents, across all columns to be ready for any query.

Inline Indexing™ reflects data as a mesh of nanoblocks™ , each independently both indexed and inter-connected. Any SQL query on Varada, will fly across nanoblocks to filter, join and aggregate using indexes across variety of domains.

Inline Indexing is a ground-breaking approach for consuming big data: adaptively index all contents, across all dimensions, and be pre-ready for any query with an optimal index. Inline indexing reflects data as a mesh of millions of nanoblocks, each independently indexed and inter-connected. Any SQL query on a Varada Indexed View, will sprint across nanoblocks and zoom in to filter, join and aggregate.

Dynamic segmentation Slice your users across any dimension and at any granularity. With inline indexing, everything is indexed and ready.
Behavioral analytics Dynamically define cohorts and funnels and track them across various data sources using inline indexing for joins.
Root cause analysis Travel your data interactively without data preparation. Inline indexing covers from 360-view analysis to needle in a haystack query.


Varada is an analytics platform running in your environment, that connects your data consumers using SQL data applications, BI and data science tools to your large and complex data sources serving fast performance without data preparation.
Varada is a analytics platform running in your environment, that connects your data consumers using SQL data applications, BI and data science tools to your large and complex data sources serving fast performance without data preparation.
With a Varada Indexed View, data teams can operationalize trillions of events across many data sources for granular interactive analysis. Analysts and business users can timely leverage any data to serve changing business needs.

Your environment,
your terms

Your environment,
your terms

Varada platform runs as a private, managed service inside your own AWS virtual private cloud. Varada will seamlessly connect to your existing data sources as S3 and data catalogs as Glue. As a private service, data stays within your environment, and Varada will integrate to any existing security and governance workflows.

Easily define and
accelerate datasets

Easily define and accelerate datasets

Varada Indexed View enables to define operational datasets with a simple SQL statement.
Inline Indexing engine will learn its structure, schema, and contents for continuous optimal indexing.
Automatic Synchronization engine will always keep it up to date to its source of origin, tracking changes.

Use ANSI SQL and
open standards

Use ANSI SQL and
open standards

The Varada platform extends Presto, one of the fastest and most widely adopted open-source SQL query engines. Leveraging the power of Presto connectors, access and combine in Varada data from any source. Supported sources range from semi-structured text or columnar files on data lakes to tables on relational databases.

Scale to any workload

Scale to any workload

Support thousands of users with bottleneck-free linear scaling. Varada Indexed Views are held in a shared virtual elastic storage layer based on NVMe SSDs that enables consistent low latency at a petabyte scale.


Hot data tier

Expose operational subsets of big data with an automatic fast indexed layer. Cut down on manual ETL efforts while improving performance and lowering compute cost.

Self-service data platform

Enable any data consumer to define operational datasets. Give data consumers the power to interactively query large, complex or slow data sources without depending on expert tuning and optimization.

Fast BI on S3

Implement BI dashboards with consistently interactive response times on billions of events stored in a data lake as AWS S3. Enable iterative analysis of complex data without breaking the analysis flow.

Presto for applications

Extend your Presto-based workflow to support low latency analytics with materialized Indexed Views.
Our mission is to bring agility to any data-driven
business and enable ad-hoc, interactive analytics
on any data without friction.

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Varada was founded in 2017 and is based in California and Israel. We are here to solve one of the biggest pain points in the big data analytics ecosystem: the compromise between time to market and time to insight. Every single day, data teams have to balance between performance, scalability, time to market and cost. As the data grows, these trade-offs hinder business agility, cause frustration and expand the IT backlog.
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