Why Varada?

Is your data getting in the way of your business?

The amount of data that is generated grows exponentially every day, making the challenge of data warehousing increasingly more urgent.

Eliminate the compromise!

Varada was established to eliminate the compromise companies face every single day with regard to data, choosing between performance, scalability, time to market and cost. 

To answer the business demands, in today’s world you constantly trade-off between two approaches:

  1.  Organize data in advance: model and prepare the data to specific business needs over and over.
  2.  Scan data for each query: gain flexibility sacrificing cost and performance via a brute force approach.

Varada, you no longer have to give up performance in favor of cost. Varada’s inline indexing enables the flexibility of the brute approach with the performance and cost of a well-modeled data warehouse.

Be pre-ready.

Varada is daring to index big data inline — in other words, as it comes in. 

Varada skips past data preparation to offer something that has never existed before: being pre-ready. In Varada’s world of big data, every query can find its index, with no prior preparation and no concurrency bottlenecks, providing consistent performance at a petabyte scale.

Move at the speed of business.

With Varada, you can go beyond the traditional limitations imposed by data infrastructure and instead zero in on the data and answers you need—with complete control over performance, cost and flexibility.